See a list of frequently asked questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not included below, please contact us here. Click on any question to reveal the answer.

What price do websites start at?

Websites start at £199 for a 5-page site.  This includes the domain name, email forwarders and maintenance for the year.  Ten page websites with more functionality start at £399. Content Managed and eCommerce sites are also available, see our packages and prices page for more information.

How much is the initial cost?

The initial cost for a website is for the time to design and develop it, the website domain name registration and the hosting.  The initial cost depends on what type of website you have.  The ongoing costs are for maintenance, domain name re-registration hosting renewal.

What payment options do I have?

You can pay by credit/debit card (via PayPal), cheque or bank transfer.  Acceptable cards are VISA, MASTERCARD, SWITCH, SOLO AND MAESTRO.

How much do I have to pay after the initial fee?

For websites, the ongoing costs are for maintenance, domain name re-registration host renewal.  Typical costs for a 5-page website are £39.99 per year and for more comprehensive websites, £99.99 per year.

Is there a guarantee?

After your initial 50% deposit, we will put your website online for you to preview before you make a commitment to pay the balance.  Once you have paid your money, then you have the website online for a full year.  If you wish not to renew it after a year, then there are no further payment requirements.  For more information on our guarantee please visit our terms & conditions page.


Can I update my website and how much will it cost?

Yes.  If you want your website updating, you can contact us and we charge £15 per hour and the changes will be made within 48 hours.  If we have built your site on a Content Management System (CMS), then you can make the updates you require yourself my logging in to the website control panel.


What kind of advice can you give me to help me promote my business online?

We can help to bring more traffic to your website by tailoring a promotional strategy to your budget.  This will include online promotional advice such as search engine optimisation (SEO), per-per-click (PPC) marketing, email marketing and social media marketing.

How does the Market Me Email software work?

The Market Me Email Marketing Software collects, stores, organises and markets to your leads and customers.  It is purely browser based meaning all your data is stored securely online and can be accessed from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection.

The software allows you to create as many lists as you require, send emails to any or all of the lists and even send surveys or follow them with automated messages through the auto responder feature.  You can find out more about the user friendly but powerful Market Me Email Marketing software here.


How does the Market Me Email Software compare to other industry leaders?

The Market Me Email Marketing software probably has more features than any other email marketing software on the market today.  It’s less expensive too.  To learn more about the features of the software and pricing structure, please visit the email marketing page.